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IDHAE World  Globebservatory for Defence Rights and attacks against lawyers


  Lydienne Yen Eyoum, a lawyer who was arrested in mid-January  in connection with the ongoing corruption crackdown, at Kondengui central prison. She is  accused of wrongful earnings relating to a bank seizure job, which she undertook with the accord of the ministry of finance. The case also involves the former minister of finance, Polycarpe Abah Abah. Her lawyer denied the accusation, alleging that her client was being held for political reasons, a claim made about most people currently in detention under operation sparrow-hawks, the anti-corruption campaign launched in 2006.


Notetheless, Lydienne Yen Eyoum is ‘held under grim conditions ’ :  there are 18 inmates in 20-square-metre-cells in which rats, cockroaches and at times even snakes move about, 130 inmates were sharing three broken toilettes and six broken bathrooms.There are snakes in the cell of a woman being held at the Kondengui central prison   food rations were like a kilo of rice and a kilo of beans a month.  .




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