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4 April 2011
A dissident lawyer and son of a Vietnamese communist revolutionary leader

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C Huy H Vũ
sentenced to seven years in prison and a further three years' house arrest
for calling for an end to Vietnam's government and its one-party system

Source: Radio Zamaneh Source: Agenzia Fides





On 4, April 2011 the trial of C Huy H Vũ facing up to 12 years facing a jail term ranging from 3 to 12 years, was beginning . The trial, held in the Hanoi People's Court, was not public, as the government had promised, and lasted only four hours. The charge against C Huy H Vũ is very long, "spreading propaganda against the state, publication of articles, interviews with foreign media in order to sully the authority of the peoples government, implementation of psychological warfare, seeking the fall of the regime and the implementation of a multiparty system. "


C Huy H Vũ was sentenced after a dramatic one-day trial in Hanoi in which one of his defence attorneys was ejected by the judge and his other three lawyers walk out in protest. Vu was left alone to defend himself and had several heated exchanges with the judge.During the trial, Vu did not admit to any violations. "I did not commit the crime of spreading propaganda against the state. This criminal case was invented against me. This case is completely illegal." Vu told the court.


Police stopped traffic around the courthouse during the trial and pushed onlookers away. Foreign media were kept in an area outside the main courtroom and made to watch the proceedings on closed-circuit television.

Vus wife, lawyer Nguyen Thi Duong Ha, said she was watched by a plainclothes officer during the course of the trial and made to sit in a specific area of the courtroom.

She said that as the judge did not comply with the demand that the documents be read in court, the proceedings should have been declared a mistrial. Ha added that her husbands requests to change the jury, all of whom were members of the Communist Party, and the prosecutor, who Vu had once brought suit against in the past, were both rejected.


C Huy H Vũ was sentenced to seven years in prison and and three years of house detention afterwards for "spreading anti-state propaganda" on Article 88, Section 1 of the Criminal Code.Judge Nguyen Huu Chinh said "Born and raised into a revolutionary family, he did not sustain that tradition but instead committed erroneous acts". The court convicted him of conducting propaganda against the state for calling for a multiparty government system, demanding the abolition of the Community party's leadership, defaming the state and distorting Vietnam's struggle for independence by calling the country's war against the US a civil war.


The Vietnam Lawyers Federation, because it has disbarred him after he filed the petition to the Hanoi Peoples Court asking to strike down Dungs approval for a bauxite mining project, has stated that C Huy H Vũ is not a lawyer and asked the media to accurately report about Cu Huy Ha Vus title to avoid misunderstanding and to not harm the prestige of lawyers. The law office named Cu Huy Ha Vu, at 24 Dien Bien Phu, Hanoi, is chaired by lawyer Nguyen Thi Duong, Cu Huy Ha Vus wife.

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As a prominent government critic and a dissident in Vietnam, he has been nationally well-known for filing, in 2009, a charge against the Politforio Standing Committee member Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung regarding to his outrage bauxite mining in Vietnam's region of Central Highlands Tay Nguyen. Consequently, as Cu Huy Ha Vu's prediction, the People's Court of Hanoi, and after that, the Vietnam Supreme Court rejected the lawsuit.


In early September 2010, C Huy H Vũ pursued another legal protestation against the prime minister for his Determination No.136. It is the decision that strictly prohibited citizens from filing petitions and complaints against the communist government.


Calling for an amendment of Article 4 of The Vietnam ConstitutionOne of the most distinctive moves of C Huy H Vũ was his vigorous demand for an official eradication of the Article 4 of the current Constitution of Vietnam, by which it states the Communist Party of Vietnam as the only force adhering leadership of the State and society.


In October 2010, Cu Huy Ha Vu's law firm was in charge of a defense for the Catholics of Con Dau parish in Da Nang, those who was seized by legal authority, taking them into custody since May after a police's crack down on a funeral ceremony taking place on a disputed claimed-to-be churchyard. In a predictable initiative, the People's Court of the local district rejected granting permission for Cu Huy Ha Vu's law firm the rights to represent those Christian defendants.


He was later arrested in November 2010 which was taken place in a Ho Chi Minh-based hotel. Photos from the security force showed him in a room with another woman presented as a prostitute but who was in fact a female lawyer in Ho Chi Minh City . The police later seized his laptop.

At the same time, police dispatched another team to raid his home and law office in Hanoi, seizing documents containing distorted information against the peoples administration and calling for the overthrow of the regime, pluralism, multi-party system, and foreign intervention which goes contrary to the nations interest.

He has been taken into custody for, according to the communist-controlled media state, "propaganda agaist the state" and "plotting to overthrow the communist government of Vietnam".


According to indictment from prosecuting agencies, from 2009 to October 2010, Vu wrote many anti-government articles and posted them on the Internet. He also gave incorrect information at interviews.

According to a document from the investigation unit, of the 240 pages seized from Vu, police found one article written by him titled "Chiến tranh Việt Nam v ngy 30/4 dưới mắt tiến sĩ C Huy H " (the Vietnam War and the April 30 day under the eyes of Dr. Cu Huy Ha Vu) and the article "Phải đa đảng mới chống được lạm quyền" (we must have a multi-party system to fight power abuse