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 August 12nd ,  2008


Released into house arrest

Gao Zhisheng,

 suffered unimaginable torture

He disappeared from house arrest on August 7, the eve of the Olympics and his whereabouts are currently unknown.

Source    :
Epoch Times  and
Sound of Hope





Gao Zhisheng was arrested in November last year and tortured for nearly two months before being released into house arrest. No one knew where Lawyer Gao was but all knew he had been taken by the Public Security Bureau (police).

Now in a taped interview, a senior Chinese government whistleblower has revealed the extent of the torture and humiliation the lawyer suffered.

Now reports have surfaced that Lawyer Gao has suffered “unimaginable” torture.


According to independent radio station Sound of Hope, an inside source contacted the radio broadcaster, saying Lawyer Gao had been taken by secret police to a secret location when he disappeared last November. The move was designed to silence him and during the two months there, he was stripped naked and attacked with electric batons until he passed out. The source said that Gao did not compromise.


In a recorded telephone conversation the source said that one of the most despicable methods they used was to force Gao to take medication before stripping him and instructing a woman to lie down beside him. This was videotaped and photographed and used as blackmail to threaten Gao’s reputation.


The source said it was a traumatic and unbearable experience for Gao Zhisheng.


The revelations are all the more poignant given that he disappeared from house arrest on August 7, the eve of the Olympics and his whereabouts are currently unknown.


According to the source Lawyer Gao was being detained in a dark cell 24 hours a day, to the extent he did not know whether it was day or night.

The police humiliated him endlessly. When Gao lost consciousness after severe beatings the police would urinate on his head.

The authorities told Gao it would be a ‘nice treat’ for Gao if he were to be sentenced to prison, making the point they did not intend to sentence him. They wanted to torture him to a point that he would prefer death.

Meanwhile the authorities continue to torture Gao’s family members. The source said that Geng He, Gao Zhisheng’s wife and children had also been detained although to what extent, the source did not say,.

At the end of the conversation the inside source told the SOH reporter that Gao’s family has been transferred to an area in Hebei Province.





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